How We See Soccer In America

When you look at soccer players around the globe, you will notice how they start playing at a young age. This isn’t much different than the average American kid. So why is it that after High School most teenagers don’t pursue a Soccer career even after playing it for so many years?

After coaching a few years at the High School level, I realized that kids in America play Soccer just to have fun. There is no real goal, just entertainment. I’m afraid coaches are also failing to motivate those who could be the next U.S. Soccer Talent by not teaching them enough about the sport. It seems to me that we are only teaching them how to win, and not how to become a soccer player.

When you look at countries like Spain, Italy, and even England, players like Leonel Messi and Wayne Rooney started playing professional soccer and making millions of dollars at the age of 16. What’s the difference between your son and them? While your son is thinking about who is he going to invite to prom, they are training for their next match and will probably miss their prom. While your son is playing FIFA 13 on their Xbox 360, they are filming their next TV commercial right after practice?

How did these young players and many others get there? By dedicating themselves to the sport, and because there are a lot of people that are looking for those few kids that are giving their best and sacrificing what most others wouldn’t so that they can be the next U.S. Soccer Talent.

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