What We Are & What We Are Not

When you register as a Player with USSoccerTalent.com you can expect the following:

We are NOT Agents nor Recruiters. This means that you will never hear from us offering you contracts, scholarships, or similar offerings.

We ARE simply a connection between Players and Talent Seekers such as Coaches, Scouts/Recruiters, and Agents.

We ARE a hub of resources for Soccer Players, Coaches, Scouts/Recruiters, and Agents.

Your Privacy

Your contact information will be private.  We will only provide your email address and phone number to Coaches, Scouts/Recruiters, or Agents upon their request.

Because we take your privacy seriously, we’ll never give anyone your home address.

Your Responsibility

When contacted by a Coach, Scout/Recruiter, or Agents it is your responsibility to check their credibility. Always do your research. Ask who they are and what company, team, or institution they represent. Never schedule a meeting at home.

We work hard to ensure that the Coaches, Scouts/Recruiters, and Agents that sign up with us are who they say they are, but we can’t guarantee it 100%. For Agents we have a list of FIFA registered agents that we use as a cross-reference tool.