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Are you looking for work in the soccer industry? Would you like to turn a hobby into a job? Now it is possible thanks to Futbol Jobs , an online platform where you can find soccer jobs in the USA.

If you are a youth soccer coach, professional soccer player, physical trainer, scout or play any other role in the organization chart of a soccer team, you are probably ready to take it to the next level. Sometimes it is not easy to find out about job opportunities that exist, hence the great value of a website like Futbol Jobs. There is nothing like being aware of the possibilities offered by the soccer market as they happen, since at any time during the season an offer of work that changes your life may arise.

What is Futbol Jobs?

Futbol Jobs is a leader in soccer job offers. Here you will find the possibility to sign up for openings offered by clubs or announce which position you are looking for. This way, Futbol Jobs connects job seekers and those who offer it. In any case, the job market is not the only area in which the platform focuses on. With the aim of increasing the level of professional development, we offer a great variety of college courses that focus on these specialties:

  • Physical Training
  • Sports Psychology
  • Scouting & Talent Management
  • Grassroots Management
  • Prevention and Recovery of Injuries
  • Player Representation
  • Etc.

Why be part of Futbol Jobs if you are looking for a job in the soccer world?

Getting into a market as competitive as soccer can be very complicated, and that’s where you need additional tools beyond your resume and soccer experience to get a job that really allows you to succeed.

Futbol Jobs is the perfect complement to a fast and effective job search, and there are several coaches and players who have succeeded in accepting an offer they found through the online platform, such as Miguel Lamberto (China) or Daniel Pérez (Germany).

Get to know who is behind this recognized employment portal

This employment platform has all the guarantees and has become the leader of the sector with more than 30 thousand users and produces 40 job offers per week. The direct contact with soccer academies, clubs, and sports professionals contributes to finding new job opportunities; including soccer player jobs. Logically, to really work well, you need a passionate and efficient team that we want you to meet:

  1. Valentín Botella (Founder and CEO)
  2. Pedro Meseguer (COO)
  3. Javi Navarro (CTO)
  4. Álvaro García (CMO)

With this authentic “Dream Team” in command, Futbol Jobs has become a must for those professionals in the world of soccer who want to climb the ladder in their profession.

How does the platform work and how can you sign up to find a job?

To be able to access job opening, you only have to register on the platform. It is a free process, where you create your profile, in order to present you with the employment opportunities that best suit your characteristics. In addition, to make a better impression on recruiters when applying for a job, there is an option to upload a video to show your skills, regardless of your specialization.

In short, if you love playing soccer, Futbol Jobs is the perfect tool to do an active and efficient job search, instead of sending e-mails or making calls to people who do not want to talk to you because they do not know you. Try the platform and see for yourself the benefits of this new way of looking for soccer jobs.

By Javi Navarro Pastor, CTO, FutbolJobs