Soccer Universities: A Dual Player Pathway Program

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Soccer Universities: A Dual Player Pathway Program

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Many soccer players that are entering their senior year or are seniors are casting a very enthusiastic eye towards playing in college with a possible view of a career as a professional soccer player thereafter.

While this has been a dream and goal of many students that have gone before you many if not all will tell you from past experience that they have not continued on the same trajectory in there development as soccer player as they did prior to entering the college game.

Many of the players entering into the current college system regresses the player rather than progresses players in their development.

The reason for this is quite simple, if you are familiar with the Malcolm Gladwell that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert in any specialized skill set, Meaning …

(People aren’t born geniuses they get there through effort) you begin to understand that while you may get great coaching and competition at some schools you are only participating at a fraction of the time that you need to while you are at most training and playing 3 months out of the year.

The fact is you are now seeing some of the brightest and best college players beginning to leave college early to pursue their dream of having a professional career having had this experience.

Turns out that Malcom Gladstone’s quote of the 10,000 hours turns out to be around 20 hours a week of deliberate practice per week for 10 years, how do you achieve those hours of practice while at college.

In fact if a European/South American Player begins playing at the same time as a American based youth player at 8 years old there soccer age to player age will greatly differ from each other while the soccer age for a American player at 22 years old will only be equivalent to the other players at 16-19 years.

So back to the most dynamic Student Athlete program that is currently available to players looking for the opportunity to continue strive for the next level of professional player development.

This is an alternative pathway to professional player development without compromising your college education and is available to you now!

We have created a dual pathway program aligned in such away that you will not only be challenged and developed as a player on a daily basis you will get a chance to play in competitive matches that matter to give you the platform to gain the edge while building your resume.

Example of what your first college year with Soccer Universities would look like this.

  • The 2020 Fall semester will start in Spain playing with 4th tier side CD Benidorm reserves with an opportunity to play in the first team if selected/or playing in the USA in the NPSL Members Cup
  • The Winter Season you could be back in the USA playing in the Major Arena Soccer League with the New Jersey Americans/or traveling to play in Europe in Spain Portugal, England or Brazil depending on semester.
  • The Spring/Summer back in the NPSL Classic League with the Philadelphia Fury.

While attending Soccer Universities your degree runs simultaneously alongside your world class training allowing for you to either do your degree on line while you are out of the country, with one of our many Educational Partner Universities Programs or in person at several of the Universities that have campuses right here in Philadelphia PA.

  • Development– Become immersed in a true international soccer environment every day.
  • Competition,- Play in meaningful competitive games every week, in a driven player centric environment.
  • Experience– Play against other overseas players that are driving for professional contracts too. While building a resume that speaks to others!
  • Exposure – An amazing platform to get scouted. 5 countries in 4 years!
  • Opportunity– We have created the platform you have to bring the performance.

In addition to our partnership with Harrisburg University which was recently awarded the number one rated International University for international students in the USA, We have just partnered with the Emerge Education which allows our students an unlimited choice of career courses and to enroll in several other Universities and online programs through this unique model.

This new and Innovative program will allow you to continue on your path to where-ever it may take you.

Best Regards

Matt Driver

CEO | Soccer Universities

Office: 1 609 705 9933

Cell:    1 609 287 9856