1Can I play for your team?
No. We are not a soccer team, and we don't offer tryouts. What you see on our website is information about tryouts hosted by actual teams.
2I don't see any upcoming tryouts. Are they over?
You guessed right.
3When are tryouts?
Typically, you'll see teams hosting open tryouts as their season gets closer to the end. Most teams will schedule them between August and February.
4Can you help me find a team?
That's what agents are for. If you need an agent, we can direct you in the right direction.
5Are tryouts a scam? Do teams just host tryouts to make money?
There is a cost associated with running a tryout event, and the registration fee is normally enough to cover that cost. If it was a get-rich-quick scheme from teams, then we wouldn't see so many teams go bankrupt.
6What are the real chances of getting a contract by attending a tryout?
Everything depends on how talented you are and what type of player they are looking for. We like to think of tryouts as job interviews where hundreds of players apply, but there is only one opening available.
7Are tryouts really worth it then?
Absolutely! Tryouts and showcases are a window to display your talent. Just because nothing came out of a tryout doesn't mean that no one noticed you.
8How do I prepare for a soccer tryout?
Aside from being in shape and 100% physically. We recommend showing them how professional you are. Show up on time and prepared. Prepare a resume to take to the event with you. Make sure you greet the coach individually before the tryout begins, and hand him/her your resume. Thank them for the opportunity.
9What should I do after the tryout?
Try to get feedback from a coach. This way you'll at least leave with something to work on. Also, try your best to get their contact information so you can follow up on their decision. Don't be annoying though. No one likes spam calls. Value their trust and don't burn any bridges. Again, be professional.